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Fuerte y Claro: How Mexico’s President Is Attempting to Rig the Next Election

La reforma electoral de México inicia camino al 2024 - Fuerte y Claro

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After the failure of his reform to control the Mexican energy sector, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is launching a bid to control the elections, while efforts multiply toward the presidential succession. Gerardo Garibay Camarena talks about this topic in this episode of Fuerte y Claro.

Gerardo explained that as the number of legislators is reduced, minority parties are harmed. He also assured that AMLO became the first Mexican president in modern history to have a constitutional reform rejected.

Fuerte y claro: a scenario similar to that of Venezuela

In addition, Garibay Camarena insisted that “Mexico would fall into a scenario similar to that of Venezuela if this reform is approved”. For this reason, he highlighted the role of the opposition parties to avoid it. In this sense, he indicated that the ruling party and the opposition are moving their cards.

He maintained that Mexico has fully entered the path that will define its future and that it will influence the United States and the entire region. “Washington is only interested in ensuring that Mexico does not collapse completely, that there is some internal order and control on the border,” he said.

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