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Fuerte y Claro: Is Mexico Submitting to the Cuban Dictatorship?

¿México se somete a la dictadura cubana? - Fuerte y Claro

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The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, visited Cuba to politically support the communist dictatorship, and threats not to participate in the Summit of the Americas as a protest because the dictators of the region are not invited to the meeting. Is Mexico submitting to the Cuban dictatorship? It was time to discuss it on Fuerte y Claro with Gerardo Garibay Camarena.

Gerardo explained that if socialism were to consolidate in Mexico, it would be a very big threat to the United States and the region. In addition, he recalled that the structure of the dictatorship in Venezuela operates based on Cuban interests.

“The best option López Obrador has is to get political operators outside the country,” indicated Garibay Camarena.

Fuerte y Claro: Cuba’s agenda

In that sense, he explained that the Cuban agenda is subjected, in turn, to that of China and Russia. He commented that the failure of the Summit of the Americas would not only be a failure of Joe Biden, but a geopolitical failure of the United States.

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