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Fully-Vaccinated Trudeau Claims to Have Caught COVID Amid Canada Demonstrations

Trudeau, completamente vacunado y con refuerzos, dice haberse contagiado del covid en medio de fuertes protestas en Canadá

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday that he contracted COVID-19, after testing positive for it this morning, and added that he is doing well and will continue to work remotely following public health regulations.

Trudeau has the full course of the COVID-19 vaccine as well as a booster dose.

Trudeau’s positive test comes as thousands of people have been demonstrating in the Canadian capital since the weekend to protest against authoritarian policies adopted in Canada, such as mandatory vaccination for the trucking union.

Because of this, Trudeau and his family were moved from their official residence to an undisclosed location in Ottawa. Critics of the Canadian Prime Minister argue that Trudeau is hiding to avoid facing the citizen protests.

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