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Gas Prices in Miami Keep on Rising

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The average gas price in Florida has been on the rise since last week. The best example of its high cost is seen in two stations in the S.W. section of Miami-Dade County: Exxon is at $2.47 per gallon of regular gasoline and Shell $2.59 per gallon, forcing drivers to pay up to $60 to fill up their cars.

For specialists in the matter, the explanation of the gas price increase is that after a fall in demand for crude oil related to the coronavirus pandemic last year, large oil producers were forced to reduce their production to level supply with demand and prevent prices from falling drastically.

However, others like Alex Alvarez, President of Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, politics also has an impact on fuel prices, accs he mention to local station AméricaTeve.

“The executive order signed by new President Joe Biden to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline has an impact on prices. It makes no sense, because it is a decision that is made without taking into consideration consequences such as these,” he emphasized.

One of the first actions of Joe Biden’s Administration was the cancellation of the Keystone. The decision means the potential loss of some 10,000 jobs and the uncertainty of a project that was in its fourth and final stage of construction and about to begin operations.

It is a project that took more than 12 years to complete and consists of a pipeline to transport Canadian crude oil to Houston, Texas.

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