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Hamas Militias Fire 3,150 Rockets Towards Israel Over Past Week

Milicias de Gaza dispararon 3.150 cohetes hacia Israel en una semana

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Hamas militias in Gaza have fired 3,150 rockets into Israel since last Monday, when the current escalation of the war began, which continues unabated and has already caused more than 200 deaths.

The Army detailed today that 460 projectiles of the total were missed and fell inside the strip, and the majority that reached Israeli territory were intercepted by the anti-missile system, Iron Dome, with an effectiveness of 90 %.

The early morning rockets were concentrated in Israeli communities near the strip and set off anti-aircraft alarms in the southern Israeli towns of Ashkelon and Netivot.

The rocket fire has already killed 10 people in Israel, eight —including two minors— from rocket hits and two from falling while running for shelter.

The Israeli bombardment of the strip was also of high intensity early Monday morning and focused on the homes of Hamas terrorist movement commanders and on the network of subway tunnels, known as “Metro.”

Israel estimates it has killed 75 Hamas militiamen and “dozens” of Islamic Jihad militiamen in the military campaign, which is entering its eighth day.

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