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Gender Theory and the Collapse of Society

It is necessary to reflect on what is happening in the West when a society allows talking about gender theory and even hormone treatments to primary school children

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As the confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court, was underway, Senator Marsha Blackburn, (R-TN), asked the then nominee to the Court, “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” Jackson, apparently confused, said she could not provide a definition and argued, “I’m not a biologist.” 

It is critical for the West to reflect on what is going on in the world for a Harvard lawyer, currently confirmed to sit on the Supreme Court to declare herself unable to define what a “woman” is and, worse, claim not to be a “biologist” as an excuse.

A few years ago, during my parents’ or grandparents’ generation, this episode would have been unheard of and incomprehensible. Today there are those who understand Ketanji’s response because they believe that, just as Simone de Beauvoir said: “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.” Others do not share that idea but are full of good intentions and do not want to offend anyone, so if they consider the definition of “woman” offensive, it is better for them to refuse to give an answer. 

It must be understood that the implications here are not simple and vain changes in language as some suggest, but rather extend to what the root of Western civilization is. First there is the question of the level of censorship — including self-censorship — which is unhealthy and deeply damaging. It is clear that the vast majority of the population knows that a woman is a human being with XX chromosomes. It is a scientific fact, not an opinion. But the censorship against those who express this basic concept of biology and the atmosphere of totalitarian goodwill is such that it has become acceptable for a judge to claim to be unable to define the word “woman.”

Truth only has a place where freedom is allowed. If this minority that seeks to redefine even the most basic aspects of science manages to overwhelm the majority through censorship and accuse people of being “a bad person”, if any kind of debate is eliminated in universities, if books that contradict this bullying minority are censored, where will science end up? What is the future of the search for truth that has moved the West? 

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This is not about fighting for mere words. It is a battle against censorship and for freedom, without which there is no truth.

Secondly, what is happening is the denial of ourselves and the destruction of the foundations of society. There is nothing wrong with being a woman or a man. There is nothing wrong with being heterosexual. There is nothing wrong with believing that one is born XX or XY. We cannot deny ourselves and neither can we go against nature. Each person can and should choose the life they want, but there are physical limitations that society cannot ignore because they will lead to a chain of problems that will end up badly. 

In the last few days, we have seen what has happened in sports, when the competition authorities decided to deny everything we know as reality by having men compete with women. We could be witnessing the beginning of the end of women’s sports, and all this before the eyes of a majority who know it is not fair or logical, but remain silent for fear of losing their jobs or offending someone. 

Are we going to allow men who identify themselves as women to go to women’s prisons? Many real problems will arise in a society where everything, including the legal realm, contradicts reality and accommodates the desires of a few. Maybe, what’s most important: are we going to allow children to be disturbed in their psychological and affective lives with ideas of sexuality?

Historically, the West has protected children in a special way. We know that even in their adolescent years there are decisions that are momentous and that they do not have the maturity to make.  That is why, in all countries, there is the figure of “coming of age”, and legally there are many things that children cannot do before that point. However, today, there are a few who want to erase that and talk about sex to elementary school children, even going as far as allowing them to have hormonal therapies or surgeries that will have irreversible consequences. 

How is it that the same society that understands that a child does not have the maturity to go to bars and consume alcohol, to drive, to live alone or to vote, allows elementary school children to be talked about gender theory and to be given hormones.  What is happening is the destruction of the foundations of the West.

At this point it is necessary to clarify an issue that should not even be necessary to put on the table, but in view of the wave of discredit with which the neo-Marxists attack it is pertinent. The problem is not the personal decisions that each individual makes in his private life, the defense of freedom is also the defense of the right to have the sexual and sentimental life that each adult prefers. 

In addition, tolerance and empathy are fundamental virtues in a society, but respect for a person should not be confused with respect for ideas. Each person deserves respect even if he or she is wrong, each person should be treated with dignity even if he or she has a different vision from ours. All the more reason, if someone is conservative and bases his life on ideas coming from religion, tolerance and love for others should be a priority. However, all of the above does not mean that we should silently accept even the most obvious mistakes of others. It is not ethically correct for a majority to stop talking about a scientific issue, such as the definition of “woman,” in order to avoid offending someone. Much less to allow the sexualization of children for fear of not being tolerant with some minorities.

These issues, as we have seen in recent times -where parents of any political ideology unite to prevent their children from being indoctrinated- have nothing to do with political parties. They have to do with values such as freedom and tolerance, freedom for someone to express his thoughts about something, but also freedom for someone else to openly say that that is not the truth and that science says the opposite. And they have to do with the longing for a better world, a world that does not scarify science, a world where those who think differently are not hated, a world where children’s innocence is not taken away and parents are not deprived of the right to educate them.

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