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Germany’s Angela Merkel Slaps Restrictions on Unvaccinated

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The outgoing Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, reported Thursday that she reached an agreement with her successor, Olaf Scholz, to impose restrictions on those unvaccinated against Covid-19. Mainly, they will not be allowed to enter stores and cultural events.

Germany imposes restrictions on the unvaccinated

The measure was taken after a meeting between state and federal authorities where it has been decided that the so-called “2G rule”, which exempts the vaccinated from restrictions — and which is already in force in some states — will be applied nationwide.

Germany and restrictions

According to the German government, the restrictions are justified because the current health situation is reaching its limits. Angela Merkel also assured that she would agree to a mandatory vaccination mandate against the disease.

“We have campaigned on every level for that people to get vaccinated – and yet we still see a gap that means that the vaccinated face restrictions, and has brought the health system to the brink of overload,” the chancellor explained.

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