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Tabloid Magazine Exposes Putin’s Luxurious Properties in Berlin and Munich

El Bild de Alemania revela lista de inmuebles de lujo que posee Putin en Berlín y Múnich

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Russian President Vladimir Putin owns several luxury properties in the German capital of Berlin and in Munich (south), according to an article published Friday by the German tabloid Bild.

According to this media, Putin acquired in recent years the “Opera Palace” in Munich, whose value is estimated at 300 million euros, as well as the building that holds the Sofitel Hotel, also in the Bavarian capital.

Last year, the investigation of the documents known as Pandora Papers had revealed that the Munich palace was linked to a shell company based in the Virgin Islands.

This company is connected, according to an investigation by several German public broadcasters, to Russian businessman Ruslan Yevgenevich Goriujin, who in turn is linked to billionaire Arkadi Rotenberg, known as one of Putin’s closest friends.

According to information published today by Bild, the Russian president is also the real owner of a 33-story building on Berlin’s central Kurfürstendamm avenue, as well as a luxury villa with a 1,850 square meter plot of land in the south of the capital.

The properties are listed in the register as owned by companies related to Arkadi Rotenberg and his brother Boris, both of whom are under sanctions in the United States and the United Kingdom because of their companies’ links to the war in Ukraine.

This month, German authorities immobilized at a shipyard in Hamburg (north) several yachts allegedly owned by Russian oligarchs who are on the European sanctions list.

However, no seizures have taken place to date as in practice it is often complicated to determine the actual owner of these luxury goods.

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