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Giuliani on Trump Raid: FBI Acts like Joe Biden’s ‘State Police’

Giuliani, El American

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THE FORMER MAYOR of New York City and former attorney for Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, said the raid on the former Republican president’s private property at Mar-a-Lago, located in Palm Beach, Florida, probably represents the “worst day” in the FBI’s history.

In a Newsmax interview, Giuliani said the FBI has been acting as “Biden state police” lately, which is “a disgrace” from its position.

The lawyer explained that he “can’t imagine” what former FBI executives would think today about the work of its current director, Christopher Wray and that they would probably be “turning over in the grave.” Giuliani added that he is not surprised by Wray’s behavior since he “hid” the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

“The hard drive contains evidence that the president of the United States, that his family, got $31 million from China, our biggest enemy, and nobody cares that he may be compromised,” Giuliani said. “He acts like he’s compromised. He gave up an air base 400 miles from China, and he got $31 million from China.”

The former mayor added that “nobody raids” the Biden family home despite serious doubts about the drive of Hunter’s laptop and the Democratic president’s “money laundering scheme” in Ukraine.

Giuliani also referred to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland as “a disgrace.” “I can’t believe that he was thought of for the Supreme Court. Thank God he wasn’t put on the Supreme Court. That’s a lifetime appointment. At least we’ll be rid of him in a few years.”

He added that he cannot understand why Republicans have not introduced impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden, and criticized representatives such as Liz Cheney for the “disgrace” and “persecution” involved in the Jan. 6 investigative committee.

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