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Gloria Estefan Refuses to Sing in Venezuela Until the Dictatorship Falls: ‘I Can’t Stand on Stage Without Saying Something About What’s Happening’

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Gloria Estefan talked about the possibility of giving a concert in Venezuela after many artists have returned to the country to perform despite the humanitarian crisis and the dictatorship in the country. However, Estefan said that she will not sing in Venezuela until Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship falls.

“It would be difficult for me because I have not sung in Cuba for that reason, I think it is very difficult when there is a government that controls things so much and one is coming from outside. I don’t like to go to a place where they tell me what I have to do or what I can’t do and that would be very difficult for me,” said the Cuban singer in an interview for the show Chisme no Like.

Gloria Estefan refuses to sing in Venezuela until the dictatorship falls: “I cannot stand on stage without saying something about what is happening.”

A song for freedom, says Gloria Estefan

Estefan said that she has fond memories of the Venezuelan public and that one of her dreams is to sing again there, but to celebrate freedom and the end of the regimes in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

“The Poliedro de Caracas, I still have some impressive memories of singing there and the people are not to blame, obviously; what more would I like than to sing to my Cuban people? But I can’t just stand on a stage without saying something about what is happening,” she said.

She also explained that she made the decision because of the suffering the Cuban dictatorship inflicted on her family.

“My father was a political prisoner of Fidel Castro. So, politics in my life has been something so difficult and painful that I don’t like to mix that, and, unfortunately, going to Venezuela would be something very political. And I will never mix that.”

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