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Google Teaching Employees America Based on ‘White Supremacist System’

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Woke Capitalism continues to gain ground rapidly in the United States. The writer Christopher F. Rufo, who became a reference for identifying companies ideologically aligned with the most radical progressivism, published a report where he denounces that Google is teaching its employees anti-American woke propaganda.

According to Rufo, who wrote an article in City Journal and also posted a thread on Twitter with photos of the documents, Google explains to its employees that the United States is a “white supremacist system” and all citizens of the country are basically “raised to be racist.”

“I have obtained a trove of whistleblower documents from inside Google that reveal the company’s extensive racial-reeducation program, based on the core tenets of critical race theory—including ‘intersectionality,’ ‘white privilege,’ and ‘systemic racism.’ In a foundational training module called ‘Allyship in Action,’ Google’s head of systemic allyship Randy Reyes and a team of consultants from The Ladipo Group train employees to deconstruct their racial and sexual identities, and then rank themselves on a hierarchy of ‘power [and] privilege.'”

Then, Rufo went on to explain, “trainers then instruct the employees to ‘manage [their] reactions to privilege’—which are likely to include feelings of ’embarrassment, shame, fear, [and] anger’—through ‘body movement,’ ‘deep breathing,’ ‘accessing [their] happy place,’ and ‘cry[ing].'”

In his Twitter thread, Rufo posted a “white supremacy pyramid” that appears in re-education courses taught by Google, there separating from lowest to highest the different types of racial supremacism in the United States.

The pyramid has “indifference” as its base —where the “All Lives Matter” movement, the slogan used to counteract “Black Lives Matter” is shown— then “minimization” appears —this is where Ben Shapiro is— and then continues to show political figures such as Donald Trump —who is pigeonholed as a ‘discriminator’— and at the top of the pyramid appears, finally, the category of “genocide.”

In other words, All Lives Matter, Shapiro and Trump are part of a structure that ends with a genocide generated by the systemic racism of American society.

According to Rufo himself, one of Google’s leaders also “created an internal document called ‘Anti-racism resources,’ containing readings and racial-consciousness exercises. One graphic claims that ‘colorblindness,’ ‘Columbus Day,’ ‘weaponized whiteness,’ and ‘Make America Great Again’ are ‘covert white supremacy.'”

Woke propaganda and its referents

The paper not only contains theories and critiques associated with woke culture and anti-Americanism, but also has guests representing the “anti-racist” movement in the United States, such as controversial and radical author Ibram Kendi, and New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the controversial and contested 1619 Project.

In a video of the course, Kendi says that all Americans, including children as young as 3 months old, were raised in a racist environment and, as a result, are. “Because the youngest of people are not colorblind, I mean, you know, between three and six months, our toddlers are beginning to understand race and see race by two years old. Our little ones are consuming racist ideas and determining who to play with based on skin colors.”

“Sure. So typically, people say, ‘I am not racist,’ when someone challenges something that they said or did as being racist. And by contrast, to be anti racist, is to have the willingness to admit and acknowledge and even recognize the times in which we as individuals are being racist, when certainly the ways in which our society is racist. And so, for me, the heartbeat of racism is denial. And the sound of that denial is I’m not racist. Well, while the heartbeat of anti racism is confession, and the ability to say yes, indeed, I was being racist.”

In another video from the course, Hannah-Jones talked about slavery, the 1619 Project and argued that everything created in America is a legacy of the slave era.

“So I just started thinking that we should dedicate an entire issue of the New York Times Magazine to really assessing that legacy, and to prove my kind of lifelong theory, which is that if you name anything in America, I can I can relate it back to slavery, that slavery is so foundational to our political systems, to our cultural systems, to how we socialized to our infrastructure to our economy, that almost nothing has been left untouched, but it operates invisibly, because we have been in such denial about the role of slavery, and really have wanted to treat it, as I said, as asterik. So that’s what I decided to do when I pitched the 1619 project. And the rest is kind of history,” said the Times journalist about her criticized work.

Photo of the content of the Google course given to its employees on propaganda woke revealed by Rufo. (Twitter)

Twitter pulls Rufo’s verification after publishing exclusive about Google

After revealing the content —full of propaganda woke— of the Google course, Christopher F. Rufo denounced that Twitter removed the verified symbol from his account.

“Yesterday, @TwitterSupport disappeared my verification badge. I’ve inserted my pronouns into my bio in hope of having it restored. Fingers crossed,” the writer denounced and ironized on his own Twitter account.

Several communicators and journalists expressed solidarity with Rufo for Twitter’s decision.

“The first person I ever saw being punished by Twitter with removal of their blue verification badge was Julian Assange, now this. It’s such a bizarrely punitive use of that designation —which is supposed to just authenticate identity— but one apparently loses it by reporting,” Glenn Greenwald wrote in Rufo’s defense.

In another tweet, Rufo charged that, last week, Google sent him “an alert about a ‘government-backed attack’ against my email system and Twitter has unverified my account—just as I began my investigative reporting on critical race theory in Big Tech. Strange timing, to say the least.”

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