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GOP Calls Out VP Harris for Refusing to Visit Border, Amid Migrant Crisis

GOP denuncia que Kamala Harris no ha ido a la frontera

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The Republican Party denounced Thursday that Kamala Harris went to California for the long weekend, but has not visited the border. The GOP recalled that Harris was appointed for the immigration crisis. However, she has not traveled there to address the situation.

“It has been 8 days since Kamala became border crisis manager. She has still not gone to the border and is instead going to California for a long weekend,” the GOP tweeted.

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A group of Honduran migrants left on Tuesday for the Corinto point, bordering Guatemala, as part of a caravan heading towards the United States in the midst of the migration crisis. (EFE)

On March 22, Harris laughed when asked by reporters whether she would be traveling to the southern border, saying “not today.” Republican senators, such as Ted Cruz, have warned that the situation at the border is a humanitarian crisis.

“There is a disaster on the border of Joe Biden’s creation because he halted construction of the wall, brought back catch and release, and ended the Remain in Mexico policy,” the Republican wrote Thursday.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter Tuesday to Vice President Kamala Harris urging her to visit the border as soon as possible and make prompt decisions to address the immigration crisis.

“President Biden‘s open border policies invite children to take a dangerous trek that exposes them to human trafficking,” Abbott said in the document.

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