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Why Should the GOP Pay Attention to Hispanics? – Lo Que Importa

¿Por qué el GOP debería prestar atención a los latinos? - Lo Que Importa

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In the latest installment of Lo Que Importa, our co-editor-in-chief, Vanessa Vallejo, discusses the growing influence of the Hispanic vote on elections and the opportunity it represents for the Republican Party heading into the November midterms. To discuss the issue, El American invited Nelson Albino, Caribbean regional director at the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

At a time when President Biden’s approval ratings are at an all-time low and as Hispanic Americans run to the GOP, Albino finds it “encouraging” that Latinos are increasingly concerned about issues outside of immigration and are more interested in economic and social issues that affect Americans.

“When Hispanics begin to understand that there are problems that (…) have a higher priority, they begin to judge the administration in office as other communities do,” the analyst affirmed. “The Republican Party is going to take a very important victory in the November elections and definitely the Hispanic vote is going to be key in this election.”

Conquering the Hispanic Vote

Albino singled out the case of Florida, where the Hispanic community used to lean much more towards Democratic policies and today is mobilizing in favor of Republican candidates. An example of this is the “historic” support that Hispanics have given to Governor Ron DeSantis.

However, the analyst recognizes that the GOP’s outreach to Hispanics has been insufficient, given that it is not enough for conservative candidates in their individual campaigns to be the ones to address the Hispanic vote.

In that sense, Albino believes that a greater effort is needed on the part of the national leadership of the Republican Party to capitalize on the support of the Hispanic community. In his opinion, former President Donald Trump, has attracted Latinos to the GOP narrative and policies, as he focused his administration on lowering taxes, cutting regulations and encouraging innovation.

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