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U.S. Government Recognizes Dina Boluarte as President of Peru

Gobierno de USA reconoce a Dina Boluarte como presidente de Perú, EFE

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The U.S. Government recognized this Wednesday Dina Boluarte as the new president of Peru, replacing Pedro Castillo, who was impeached by the Congress of the South American country and who is under arrest after attempting to arbitrarily dissolve Congress.

In response to a question from EFE, a State Department spokesperson said the government “welcomes” Boluarte’s appointment as president and is eager to begin working with her and her administration.

In addition, the spokesperson praised Peru’s civilian institutions and authorities for “ensuring democratic stability”.

Boluarte was sworn in Wednesday before the full Congress as the first female president in the history of Peru, following the dismissal of Castillo, accused of staging a coup d’état.

Castillo was arrested after he was impeached after attempting to dissolve the legislature and call for a constituent process to avoid impeachment proceedings against him.

Castillo’s gesture was labeled a coup d’état by members of his own government and was rejected by the Armed Forces and the Police.