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DeSantis Proposes Gas Tax Cut to Help Floridians Fight the Biden Inflation

DeSantis, El American

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This Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that, during the upcoming legislative session, he will propose more than $1 billion in gas tax relief for Floridians. The intent with the tax exemption is to save up to $200 for the average Florida family.

The governor made the announcement at Buc-ee’s stops in Daytona Beach and was joined by leaders in the gas and transportation industry.

DeSantis accused the federal government of worsening the nation’s inflation with big-government policies. He added that “the Florida Legislature provide more than $1 billion in gas tax relief for Florida families. This will have a positive impact on millions of Floridians.”

Biden admin blames oil companies

DeSantis’ decision comes as several members of the Democratic Party have blamed oil companies for rising gas prices. President Joe Biden last week called on a regulatory agency to investigate whether gasoline prices are rising in the country because of “illegal conduct” by big oil and gas companies.

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