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17 Dominican Migrants Arrested After Arriving in Puerto Rico by Raft

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Agents from the FURA Maritime Unit detained a boat made up of Dominican immigrants that arrived Sunday at a beach in Añasco, Puerto Rico.

The group of people coming from the Dominican Republic was able to evade the first Coast Guard agents who tried to detain them. However, after reaching the shore and with the beach crowded with hundreds of bathers, other police officers waited for the migrants and tried to capture them as soon as they stepped ashore.

A total of 17 men and one woman tried to arrive on the island.

The event was recorded by those who were on the coast and was widely disseminated through social media. Those present even encouraged those arriving in Puerto Rico with shouts of “run, run.”

The Dominican immigrants and the boat in which they arrived were picked up by Border Patrol and will provide further information in due course.

1 thought on “17 Dominican Migrants Arrested After Arriving in Puerto Rico by Raft”

  1. Why in the world would they want to go to Puerto Rico when the country (or island) has extremely few opportunities?
    Puerto Rico lost over 12,000 people over the past decade (12.00% according to the 2020 census) round that up and half of them (not even) 70% are living in the lower 48.
    People there have fled to the lower 48 and bordering countries like Mexico and the Dominican Republic where the countries gained over 47,000 and 70,000 jobs respectively before the pandemic.
    Again, I still have no logical reason why they would immigrate illegally to Puerto Rico. Perhaps it’s all for attention and no reason.
    When I think of Puerto Rico I look at Detroit, utilities resources and agriculture dried up, shitty leadership and policies and people packing their bags to bordering states like Indiana which has gained the most jobs and growth in the Midwest.
    Just come to my state of Connecticut and you’ll see the extreme change that has happened over the course of the last 2 decades where Puerto Ricans have gained the most growth of any race outpacing the blacks and whites. Connecticut has the fourth largest Puerto Rican population in the United States after Florida, New York, and New Jersey but claims to have the highest concentration – percentage of them of any state.
    Basically every vehicle that goes by on the highway, every fourth motorist is Puerto Rican. It’s like the Bronx here and every city in CT is run by them.
    To put it in perspective Puerto Ricans control the state.
    I wish I could live somewhere else in isolation where there’s less of them.
    But everyday I think to myself, with no underfunded pensions and little to no debt, Utah looks better and better to live.
    Thank the Democrats who have bankrupted the Constitution State into oblivion. If you want to make a state turn defunct, just keep the progressives in charge.

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