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Guatemala’s President Accuses Biden of Plotting Coup D’Etat

Presidente de Guatemala acusa a la Administración Biden de intentar derrocarlo

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The President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, said in an interview that he will request the exit of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) from the country and accused the Biden administration of seeking to overthrow him.

Giammattei’s statements were recorded in an interview published last Wednesday by The Heritage Foundation, specifically in an article signed by two representatives of the entity, Mateo Haydar and Mike Gonzalez.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not going to issue any comment on the matter,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Giammattei’s government told reporters this Friday, when asked about the words of the governor.

On the other hand, the Social Communication Secretary of the Presidency confirmed that there was a meeting between Giammattei and The Heritage Foundation where several issues were discussed.

The President’s words

In the publication signed by Haydar and Gonzalez, Giammattei asserts during an interview on April 26, that the US ambassador in Guatemala, William Popp, is meeting with indigenous leaders in search of overthrowing his government.

According to Heritag, Giammattei added that the government presided by Joe Biden wants to introduce a multicultural agenda in Guatemala, which he called “indigenism.”

Haydar and Gonzalez added in the publication that Giammattei had therefore decided to demand that USAID leave the country because of its interference in Guatemala’s sovereignty.

Giammattei participated last December in an event of The Heritage Foundation, founded in 1973 and of conservative nature, specifically in a forum with the president of the entity, Kevin Roberts.

The non-governmental organization is based in Washington, D.C., where the event was held in December with the participation of the Guatemalan governor.

That same month, Giammattei was not invited, nor were the presidents of Honduras and El Salvador, to a virtual democracy summit organized by the Biden administration.

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