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Gutfeld Blasts Lori Lightfoot: Worst Mayor Ever

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld blasted Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on his show opening monologue by stating that she “Broke another glass ceiling” by being the “worst mayor ever” and also the first Mayor to lose reelection in 40 years after its first 2-year period in the emblematic windy city of Illinois.


A direct quote from Gutfeld stated:

For one, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, seen here having her prostate checked, became Chicago’s first incumbent mayor in 40 years to lose re-election. Congrats, Lori. She deserves it because she broke another glass ceiling. She was the first Black lesbian mayor of Chicago, but now she’s the worst mayor ever, which sadly means no Black lesbian mayors for awhile in Chicago. Way to ruin it for them.

The incumbent Mayor received around 17% of the vote. She was defeated by former Chicago Public Schools Superintendent Paul Vallas and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson, who received 34 and 20% of the vote, respectively, and will now face a runoff election to choose the new mayor.

Gutfeld then went on to say that this election process shouldn’t be news at all and that Lightfoot had “protection” from the mainstream media. This despite the fact that Lightfoot actually stated that the media was racist and sexist during the race and in general, because she was a lesbian woman of color.

But why is it news at all? It shouldn’t be news when the worst mayor in the country loses. This should be expected. But it wasn’t. Why is that? Well, it’s because it’s news that she lost despite having more protection than a Fort Knox full of condoms. Lightfoot was a historical first, of course. First Black female lesbian Chicago mayor. Perhaps also a garden gnome, a woodland nymph, a magical imp, a Ghost of Christmas Past, Medusa. But because of that, the media cut her more slack than a tailor on meth.

On her acceptance speech, Lightfoot stated: “We fought the right fights and we put this city on a better path. I’m grateful that we’ve worked together to remove a record number of guns off our streets, reduced homicides, and started making real progress on public safety.

The statement is misleading cause the crime rates have risen under her administration to historic highs and they went down only in 2022 by a small margin compared to 2021. In that year only, the City saw approximately 770 murders, a 50% increase over 2019. According to the Chicago Tribune, the city reached 800 killings in 2021, breaking a 25-year record.

Gutfeld also called this out by saying: “So she reduced murders under her watch, but only after she presided over an explosion in murders under her watch?”

 “I’m a black woman in America. Of course.” Lightfoot responded when asked whether she was treated differently because of her ethnicity and gender.

Vallas, who has overseen education systems in Chicago, New Orleans, and Philadelphia, ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 2019. This time, he was all about public safety, promising that police personnel who left the department during Lightfoot’s administration would return if he were elected.

Willie Wilson, a businessman, Chicago City Council members Sophia King and Roderick Sawyer, activist Ja’Mal Green, and state Rep. Kambium “Kam” Buckner were the other candidates.

Vallas and Johnson’s runoff election will be held on April 4.