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Has the FBI Become a Political Arm of the Biden-Harris Administration?

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Rudolph Giuliani, former President Donald J. Trump’s lawyer and mayor of New York City, had his home and office raided by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents on Wednesday, April 28th at 6:00 AM. The federal investigators claim to be looking into the relationship between Giuliani and Ukrainian officials, on the issue of whether federal laws were broken regarding his alleged lobbyist role and the required registration of representing a foreign entity.

Federal prosecutors told Giuliani’s attorneys that they had accessed data from Giuliani’s iCloud account as early as 2019. Given the fact that the FBI has dodged a serious investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of the president, one is forced to ask the question, has the FBI become a political arm of the left?

Attorney, constitutional scholar, and former Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz, concretely believes that the FBI action is totally unconstitutional. Seven FBI agents seized with warrants, from Giuliani’s Upper East Side apartment and office, more than 10 phones and computers, as well as the iCloud data. Dershowitz said, “You don’t use search warrants when people have privileged information on their cell phones and in their computers. You use a subpoena. The difference between a subpoena and a search warrant is like night and day”.

FBI en un brazo político, El American
“Who is the FBI and Biden-Harris’ DOJ really going after? Could it be that they are fishing for a “smoking gun” in Giuliani’s vast confidential files to kill a potential 2024 Trump presidency?”. (Flickr)

Dershowitz, who has since agreed to assist in the Giuliani defense effort, added “They’re taking everything from his cloud, from his computers, including privileged information. It’s just not constitutional.”

How has the FBI become a political arm of Democrats? Blame Obama

The argument that the United States is adopting a dual justice system, which is ideologically driven, is making strong inroads. The regrettable role that the FBI, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) under the direction of John Brennan, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) beginning in former President Obama’s tenure and carrying through into the Trump administration, displayed a bombastic abandonment of objective investigation and the equitable application of the law.

The infamous Steele Dossier and its connection with the DOJ, FBI, and the Democratic Party, as well as the bogus FBI and DOJ information to obtain the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign and later officials within his administration, like U. S. Army Lieutenant General and National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, are stark reminders that the nation’s top law enforcement and prosecuting agencies are doing the left’s dirty work. After all, what the Russia hoax all about except to bring down the Trump presidency?  

The usual mass media suspects followed the predictable pattern of reporting inaccuracies regarding the Giuliani incident. The New York Times, Washington Post, and NBC News all retracted on Saturday, May 1st, earlier news stories containing false information. These picturizations give credibility to the popularization of “fake news”. Giuliani quickly defended himself on Twitter, lambasting the news outlets, “On a Saturday, the Washington Post added this correction to their defamatory story about me. The Washington Post and the NYT must reveal their sources who lied and targeted an American Citizen.  #msnbc, #cnn forgot to mention the corrections today. #fakenews #badpeople”.

Who is the FBI and Biden-Harris’ DOJ really going after? Could it be that they are fishing for a “smoking gun” in Giuliani’s vast confidential files to kill a potential 2024 Trump presidency?

Dershowitz wisely noted on the “Cats Roundtable” podcast of Sunday, May 2nd, “In banana republics, in Castro’s Cuba, in many parts of the world when a candidate loses for president, they go after the candidate, they go after his lawyers, they go after his friends”. The famed attorney is spot on. This is another confirmation of creeping leftist-steered authoritarian rule and the FBI, apparently, is now one of their instruments. 

Julio M Shiling, political scientist, writer, director of Patria de Martí and The Cuban American Voice, lecturer and media commentator. A native of Cuba, he currently lives in the United States. Twitter: @JulioMShiling // Julio es politólogo, escritor, director de Patria de Martí y The Cuban American Voice. Conferenciante y comentarista en los medios. Natural de Cuba, vive actualmente en EE UU.

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