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Hermann Tertsch: Putin Wants to Change Europe’s Map and He Must Be Stopped

Ucrania, El American

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In the latest installment of El American’s Lo Que Importa segment, our co-editor-in-chief, Vanessa Vallejo, sat down for an exclusive interview with VOX Member of the European Parliament Hermann Tertsch, to discuss the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s troops.

As Vallejo pointed out, the “heroic” resistance of Ukraine and its president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has managed to “wake up the West” in the face of a bloodthirsty Putin who does not hesitate to threaten violence to achieve his goals.

In the midst of a war, President Zelensky formally signed and introduced before the European Parliament the request to include Ukraine among the member nations of the European Union, and received overwhelming support with 637 votes in favor, 13 against and 36 abstentions.

In this regard, Tertsch comments that the situation in Ukraine is a “political and geostrategic earthquake of the highest level,” given that Vladimir Putin entered that country “with blood and fire” to incorporate it to his empire, but he found an unexpected force on the part of the Ukrainian Army.

Although that country’s inclusion into the European Union is still pending, Tertsch says the Ukrainian resistance has already generated an exemplary change for Europe and the rest of the West.

“Putin wants to change the map of Europe and reverse what he called the greatest misfortune of the 20th century, which is the disappearance of the Soviet Union,” the MEP said, referring to the Russian operation in Ukraine as a “fiasco” given the resistance of Zelensky’s army which, despite Russia’s military “infinite superiority,” has turned out to be a “miscalculation” on Putin’s part.

Tertsch: Ukraine is changing the world

The conservative representative of Spain points out that the defense at all costs of the Ukrainian territory by its citizens “has broken Putin’s plans” while it has “dynamited the habits of the European Union” which, distracted by the problems of its members, “has been forgetting” what a war of this magnitude means.

“[The sacrifice of the Ukrainians] is changing the world, because it is changing the perception of everything that happens in Europe,” added Tertsch, who thinks that if Ukraine had surrendered as suggested by its Western allies, the European Union would have reached diplomatic agreements with Putin.

For Tertsch, the unexpected military force of the Ukrainian people “changed the plans” of Europe with respect to Russia and, as a result, politicians in Brussels today “say things they would have never said.” Meanwhile, rulers of European nations that have been “allied with Putin” have made the decision to support Ukraine militarily.

Those “180-degree” changes that European leaders are beginning to execute in foreign policy and in terms of defense are due to the “courage that Ukrainian citizens and politicians have been able to mobilize. That is actually a beautiful story within the immense tragedy,” Tertsch said.

The MEP spoke with Vallejo about the future of NATO in the face of the threat of a nuclear conflict, the necessary change of course of the West in terms of energy dependence on Russia and the weakness that this implies on the part of the leaders of the free world, especially on the part of President Joe Biden.

They also commented on the “common front” that Western conservatives and libertarians are organizing, with a clear indication of this given from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2022.

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