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More Hispanic voters and candidates enrich the Republican Party

More Hispanic voters and candidates enrich the Republican Party

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THE NEWS has spread everywhere, in both digital and conventional media, in English and Spanish, and the same outside as inside the United States. The growth in the flow of Hispanic voters who have changed from Democrats to Republicans is unprecedented and reinforces a trend that has been manifesting itself throughout the last decade. The most recent example of this new reality is the victory of Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) who changed parties the traditionally Democratic District 34, which begins along the border in Brownsville and stretches for hundreds of miles to the north of the state of Texas.

The growth of Hispanics within the Republican Party is fundamentally due to the fact that Latinos have been rapidly and massively discovering that their conservative values and principles are much more directly identified with those of the GOP than with those of the Democrats. The vast majority of Hispanics believe in God and have solid religious and family principles, they believe in life, freedom and democracy, and they see with a fear bordering on panic that certain socialist policies are being implemented in this country, when they have already utterly failed in Latin American countries where a significant segment of the Hispanic community residing in the United States comes from.

The other fundamental reason behind the Republican growth among Hispanics is the disastrous performance of Biden and the Democrats. A recent Quinnipiac University poll has found that Biden’s approval rating is considerably lower among Hispanics than the general public. Another poll, by The New York Times and Sienna College, found that Latino support for Biden has plummeted, from 60% who voted for him, to less than 54% who not only disapprove, but would also prefer voting for another candidate. In no other demographic group does Biden fare so poorly.

The optimism of the Republicans, with their eyes set on the mid-term elections on November 8, is also reflected in the fact that on that date there will be a record number of 102 Hispanic candidates for the Republican Party, who have joined the enormous effort to regain majorities in both the House and Senate of the United States.

Latinos in this country will have a historic opportunity in November to hold Democrats accountable for so many unfulfilled promises, for their frequent disrespect to our community, ranging from classifying us as Latinx, to comparing us to breakfast tacos and paying real hitmen. morals so that they try to tarnish the image of Mayra Flores, calling her “My Beans” and offending her dignity with categorically unacceptable comments.

In November, Hispanic voters will be responding to all this by helping to straighten the course of the nation that has received us with open arms. Several widely trusted polls have established that a majority of Americans believe that Republicans in Congress are better equipped than Democrats to solve our biggest problems, which are inflation, safety where we live, and educating our children, but also the border crisis and our energy self-sufficiency.

Proof that the Republicans know-how and can-do things better is crearly visible in the results of the previous administration. Under Republican leadership we had a strong economy and became oil exporters, the price of gasoline never went above $3 a gallon, inflation hovered close to 2%, a far cry from last month’s 9.1%. Illegal border crossings were kept under control, and among Hispanics, our unemployment rate hit an all-time low, our median income rose, and many of us were able to buy our own homes. And that success extends to today, when nine of the ten states that have recovered the most jobs since the pandemic began are governed by Republicans.

Jaime Florez is the Hispanic Communications Director - Republican National Committe. Public Relations, Public Affairs, Communications, and Marketing Executive with extensive experience in politics, international trade, publishing, and mass media // Jaime Florez es Director de Comunicaciones Hispanas - Comité Nacional Republicano. Ejecutivo de Relaciones Públicas, Asuntos Públicos, Comunicaciones y Marketing con amplia experiencia en política, comercio internacional, publicaciones y medios de comunicación.

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