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Dr. Cárcamo, a California Congressional Candidate, on School Choice, Hispanic Vote, and Agenda for Congress

Rafael Cárcamo

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Dr. Rafael Cárcamo, an American doctor born in Nicaragua, joined El American to talk to our contributor, Julio M. Shiling, about his candidacy as a Republican candidate to represent California’s 35th District in the U.S. Congress.

Cárcamo says that his concern “for the situation of the country” is the main reason why he is asking Californians to vote for him today, especially in light of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses and the cost of living.

“60% of the small businesses that closed during the first stage of the pandemic went bankrupt and were unable to reopen,” mentioned the candidate, who finds it “tragic” that so many families have worked hard to save and invest their money only to lose their businesses to the virus.

In that sense, his priority is to offer financial assistance to these small business owners who were victim of the post-covid economy.

What does Cárcamo propose?

Cárcamo refers to himself as “pro-school choice,” and claims that the formula for success is to study and work hard. He believes it is necessary to end “indoctrination” in schools and that parents should have the opportunity to decide which school to send their children to and what type of education they prefer for them.

“I fervently believe that when competition is healthy, it forces competitors to work harder,” Cárcamo says of the education market. “Whoever tells you that without making an effort you will be successful, is lying to you.”

His proposal is to fight to promote competition among schools to “push” educators to “prepare better” and give a “better education,” allowing parents to choose the best quality education for their children.

The candidate also claims to be against the defunding of the police: “communists are the only ones who want chaos and disorder,” said Cárcamo, later recalling that he himself lived through “the communist boot” while growing up in Nicaragua.

“There are things that people who have lived through a system in this way can see what is actually happening and where those wolves in sheep’s clothing are hiding,” Cárcamo noted as the reason why he is dedicated to fighting communism.

The candidate sees the United States as “the last bastion of democracy,” which is why he finds in this country the only alternative to the threat of a communist system. “If [the United States] succumbs to communism, there is nowhere to go.”

If elected, Cárcamo would become the first Nicaraguan-American to reach Congress.

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