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‘60% of Hispanics in El Paso Favor Border Security,’ Says Former GOP Candidate Irene Armendariz

«60 % de hispanos en El Paso están a favor de la seguridad fronteriza»: Irene Armendariz

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Irene Armendariz is a Hispanic with very clear Republican ideas. In 2020, Irene, a former border agent and entrepreneur, tried to reach Congress from El Paso, Texas, where she has spent her whole life.

Irene knows the reality of what happens at the border crossing. For this reason, she spoke with Anthony Cabassa, correspondent for El American, about the situation at the border, illegal migrants and Kamala Harris’ visit to the site.

Irene has been married for twenty-five years to Bill, who is a U.S. Navy veteran and has been with the Border Patrol for 23 years, serving as an agent and chaplain.

On the current border crisis, Armendariz noted that Kamala Harris’ trip came months after the border crisis. She said they are organizing because they want to show the vice president that not all Hispanic migrants are Democrats. On the contrary, she insists that it is necessary to show that they are conservative people with dreams and projects that do not depend on the State.

Likewise, she maintained that Hispanics agree with improving security at the border crossing. “We recently showed that 60% of Hispanics in El Paso are in favor of border security,” Armendariz said.

She also explained that Kamala Harris feels she is in a comfortable place because there is a lot of Democratic leadership in El Paso. However, she recalled that the citizens who live there are clear on what the border policies should be to address the immigration crisis.

Irene Armendariz, her life and career

Irene is committed to promoting strong family values and morals. “The Armendariz family didn’t expect anyone to give them a handout. They believed in working to create their own opportunities,” so explains her official website.

That is why she remains in politics. She is sure that she must continue working so that good and values prevail. Armendariz has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Howard Payne University and a Master’s degree in Government with a specialization in Law and Public Policy from Regent University.

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