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Hispanics Prefer GOP as Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets to New Lows

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THE APPROVAL of President Joe Biden fell to new lows after almost two years in office, according to a recent poll, with losses within his party and among all demographic categories, particularly the Hispanic community, whose majority now leans toward the Republican Party.

A Quinnipiac University study published Wednesday showed that only 31% of Americans approve of Biden’s performance, a new low since he took office. That discontent is widespread: the majority disapproves of all the indicators consulted, with just the exception of handling the pandemic.

While 50% believe Biden did a good job controlling COVID-19, 66% disapprove of his economic management, 55% find his foreign policy deficient, and 52% disapprove of his reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Overall, 71% of respondents would prefer Biden not to run for re-election, including 54% of Democrats. In fact, more people support the candidacy of former President Donald Trump (32%) than a second term for Biden (24%).

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Regarding the country’s state, 67% believe it is worse than it was a year ago. In that sense, if the management of the House of Representatives were defined today, the Republicans would have the support of 44% of voters, while the governing party would obtain 43%. The race is closer for the Senate, where both are tied at 44%.

The “red wave” of Hispanics against Biden

A few months before a mid-term election that could change the majority in the House and Senate, the Hispanic community stands out for a drastic change: today, most Hispanics support the Republican Party.

Support for Biden among Hispanics is just 19%. Meanwhile, 42% of Hispanic voters told Quinnipiac that they would prefer to see Republicans in control of the Senate and House of Representatives, while 40% continue to favor Democrats.

However, there is a majority perception (73%) among Hispanics that the country is in worse shape than it was a year ago, and an overwhelming 76% believe Biden should not run for re-election.

The Hispanic community overwhelmingly rejects Biden in every category of the survey.

The study was conducted July 14-18 by telephone and polled 1,523 voting-age adults. Of the total, 25% identified themselves as Republican, 29% as Democrat, and 37% as Independent.