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Historical Highlights of the Life and Reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Historical highlights of the life and reign of Elizabeth II

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These are the highlights of the life and reign of Elizabeth II:

– April 21, 1926.- Born in London.

– 11 December 1936.- Her father, George VI, ascends to the throne.

– 20 November 1947.- She marries Philip of Mountbatten in the Abbey of Westminster.

– 14 November 1948.- Prince Charles, her first-born son and heir to the throne is born.

– 6 February 1952: King George VI dies. Elizabeth becomes Queen.

– 1954: First tour of the Commonwealth as Queen.

– July 29, 1981: Her son Charles marries Lady Diana Frances Spencer.

– June 21, 1982.- William, Prince Charles’ first-born son and second in line of succession, is born.

– November 24, 1992.- Qualifies as “annus horribilis” for the British monarchy in the year that was ending, during which his sons Charles and Andrew separated, and his daughter Anne divorced. In addition, a fire caused severe damage to Windsor Castle a few days before.

– 26 November 1992: Elizabeth II decides to pay taxes to the Treasury.

– 6 May 1994.- Together with the French president, François Mitterrand, she inaugurated the tunnel under the English Channel that joins the United Kingdom with the European continent.

– August 31, 1997.- Lady Di, ex-wife of Prince Charles, dies in a traffic accident in Paris.

– July 1, 1999.- The first Scottish Parliament in almost three centuries is declared open.

– December 1, 1999.- Ratifies the transfer of powers to the new government of Northern Ireland, which recovers its autonomy.

– 30 March 2002: The Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, wife of King George VI and mother of Elizabeth II, dies.

– April 30, 2002: Elizabeth II addresses Parliament on her fiftieth anniversary as sovereign.

– May 1, 2002.- She opens the doors of Buckingham Palace to 12,000 people, who attend a concert of music on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee.

– 17-20 May 2011: First official visit to the Republic of Ireland, accompanied by Prince Philip of Edinburgh.

– 20 March 2012.- Addresses both Houses of Parliament – Commons and Lords – in the Great Hall at Westminster on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee.

– 11 April 2014.- Elizabeth II receives the President of the Republic of Ireland in the first visit by an Irish head of state since the country’s independence.

– 18 September 2014.- On the day of Scotland’s secessionist consultation, the Queen declares her “impartiality” and says she hopes the Scots will think “carefully” about their decision, ultimately against independence.

– 26 June 2015.- Elizabeth II closed her last official visit outside her country and fifth to Germany, at the former Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen, liberated in 1945 by British soldiers.

– 6 February 2016.- On the 64th anniversary of her accession to the throne, her reign becomes the longest in the British monarchy.

– 13 January 2020.- Queen Elizabeth II granted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex leave to reside between Canada and the United Kingdom after Henry and Meghan made public their intention to abandon their duties as members of the British royal family.

– January 23, 2020: Elizabeth II signed the Brexit bill into law, and Boris Johnson signed the agreement for the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union the following day.

– April 8, 2020: Her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, dies at the age of 99.

– February 6, 2022.- Elizabeth II expresses her wish that Camilla Parker, wife of Prince Charles, will be known as Queen consort when he becomes king.

– February 20, 2022.- It is announced that Queen Elizabeth has tested positive for coronavirus. It was reported that she passed the illness with “mild symptoms.”

– 10 May 2022 – She cedes office for the first time to her son Charles in the so-called Queen’s Speech in Parliament.

– 2-5 June 2022 – Events celebrate the Platinum Jubilee (70 years of reign).

– 6 September 2022 – Elizabeth II commissions Liz Truss from Balmoral (Scotland) to form a new Government as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

– 8 September 2022: The entire British royal family moves to Balmoral after the Queen’s doctors express concern about Elizabeth II’s health.

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