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NY Gov. Hochul Bans Sales of ‘Ghost Guns’

Hochul prohíbe la venta de armas por piezas de ensamblaje en Nueva York

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New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul banned the sale of ‘ghost guns,’ which are guns sold in separate “kits,” including online, and can then be assembled at home.

Hochul signed into law three bills to tighten control over firearms in the state, and banned all possession of “parts” – ammunition receivers that are easily combined to form a semi-automatic weapon.

It also includes another law to require all gun shops to register by serial number all guns in their possession, including those arriving through irregular circuits.

Finally, it banned the manufacture of guns that look like toys.

On April 8, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to try to control -and restrict- the sale of materials and tools that allow the assembly of this type of weaponry at home, in addition to other measures to limit the Second Amendment in the country.

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