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Former Honduran President Willing to Cooperate with U.S. Extradition for Alleged Drug Trafficking

Expresidente de Honduras dice estar listo a colaborar ante petición de extradición a Estados Unidos por presunto narcotráfico

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The former president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, who left office last month, confirmed Tuesday that he is the subject of a request for his arrest for extradition purposes made by U.S. authorities and said he is “ready and willing to collaborate.”

“It’s 5:44 in the morning (11:44 GMT), I send a message to all of you who have accompanied me with your prayers, with your good wishes, thank you very much,” Hernandez began by saying in a recorded message, presumably from his home in Tegucigalpa.

“It is not an easy moment, I do not wish it to anyone, but also the purpose of this message is that the National Police, through my proxies, has already received the message that I am ready and willing to collaborate and arrive voluntarily with their accompaniment at the moment that the natural judge appointed by the honorable Supreme Court of Justice so decides, to be able to face this situation and defend myself”, said Hernandez.

After the Honduran Foreign Ministry informed last night on the social network Twitter that it had sent to the Supreme Court of Justice a formal request for the provisional arrest “of a Honduran politician” for extradition purposes, agents of the security forces were stationed around Hernández’s house.

U.S. authorities announced last week the cancellation of Hernandez’s entry visa to the country for his alleged links to significant acts of “corruption and drug trafficking”.

The former president’s brother, former congressman Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernández, was sentenced in the United States in March 2021 to life imprisonment and an additional 30 years for drug trafficking.

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