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House Dems Ask Biden to Lift Venezuelan Sanctions

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A group of 18 progressive congressmen from the Democratic Party on Thursday asked U.S. President Joe Biden to lift the sanctions he has on the regime of Nicolás Maduro and his officials in Venezuela.

Among the signatories of the letter addressed to the president are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, both recognized for their efforts to promote socialist ideas in the United States. Also signing the letter are Jésus García, and Juan Vargas, among others.

Through a document shared by AP journalist Joshua Goodman, the Democrats assure that Maduro would be committed to reestablishing negotiations and that this process would be yielding results. Therefore, in their opinion, it should be promoted.

Despite the request, they recognized that Venezuelans are suffering a complex humanitarian crisis due to the responsibility of Nicolás Maduro and his regime. However, they insist that the U.S. policy should be that of talks with political factors.

Democratic rapprochement with the Venezuelan regime

The congressmen’s request comes at a time when the Biden administration has been criticized for its rapprochement with the Venezuelan dictatorship. Two months ago, it became known that high-ranking American officials held a secret meeting with Maduro in the Miraflores Palace, in Caracas, according to a Reuters report.

The decision was criticized by several American politicians, mainly Republicans. For example, the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, through Twitter, said that “it is a mistake for the Biden administration to ask Venezuela for oil and legitimize Maduro’s communist regime during an official visit.”

Others have insisted that the only conversation the United States should have with Nicolás Maduro is to get him out of power. This is the case of Senator Rick Scott, who, according to El American, reminded that there should be no talks with someone associated with China, Russia, and Iran.

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