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What Are They Hiding? Dems Refuse to Upload Hunter’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ Into Congressional Record

Laptop de Hunter Biden

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Congressional Democrats are attempting to block efforts by their Republican counterparts to enter the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop into the permanent record in digital format, citing technical limitations, according to reports.

According to the Daily Caller, Democratic staffers on the House Judiciary Committee, which is responsible for entering the documents into the record, are refusing to submit the information in digital format and are demanding that Rep. Matt Gaetz — who formally requested the measure — print physical copies and print PDF copies of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Although Gaetz’s office offered to provide the appropriate equipment to facilitate the storage of the contents in digital form, the Democrats insist on preventing it.

According to the Daily Caller’s inside sources, Gaetz’s office was forced to use its own resources to create the copies the Democrats requested, even though House rules require the responsible committee members to take charge.

“Democrats in the majority used multiple excuses to avoid handling the Hunter Biden laptop in any fashion other than accepting the hard drive via hand delivery,” said the Republican staffer, who spoke to the Daily Caller on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive committee matters.

“Democrats and majority staff are actively obstructing the American people from being able to see the laptop in the public record,” he continued. “They have all the resources they need to enter Hunter’s laptop into the record — they’re purposefully delaying the process. It’s their responsibility as majority staff to enter materials into the record granted by unanimous consent like Hunter Biden’s laptop. The American people should be asking, ‘Why aren’t Democrat majority staff doing their jobs?’ and ‘What will happen if they continue to obstruct official business of Congress?'”

Resistance to acknowledging Hunter Biden’s laptop

When Gaetz requested the transfer of the contents of the president’s son’s “infamous” laptop on March 29, the committee’s leader, Democrat Jerry Nadler (NY), initially objected to the request but relented after consulting with an attorney present. It is Nadler’s staff appointee who is now stonewalling.

Both House and Senate Republicans have insisted for a full year on investigating the facts surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop, but met with resistance from Democrats and denial from the media, who initially dismissed the findings, labeling them as “Russian disinformation.”

Recently, after more than a year and a presidential election in which the laptop could have been decisive, and after the New York Post was censored on Twitter for publishing the finding about the device, the liberal media have begun to accept the veracity of the information.

In late March, GOP Senators Chuck Grassley (IO) and Ron Johnson (WI) alleged, with receipts in hand, that Hunter Biden had dabbled in business dealings with foreign oligarchs, including some linked to the Communist Party of China.

Grassley and Johnson referred to the “shameful” work of the liberal media for the outright lies about their investigation.

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