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House of Representatives Fines GOP Members for Not Wearing Masks Despite Being Vaccinated

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Despite being fully vaccinated and following the new CDC regulations, three Republican lawmakers were fined $500 for removing their face masks while on the House of Representatives.

Republicans Beth Van Duyne of Texas, Brian Mast of Florida, and Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa decided to stop wearing masks because they had already received the COVID-19 vaccine, yet they were sanctioned; meanwhile, seven other Republicans who did not wear masks received a warning.

The CDC recently updated its guidance and determined that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask for most indoor and outdoor activities.

“This was never about science. It has always been about power,” Rep. Mast expressed on his social media when referring to the mask mandate.

Mast told Fox News that a security staffer approached him for not wearing a face mask and told him he would be fined.

Texas fines those who force the use of masks

While the House of Representatives continues to sanction those who wish to remove face masks, in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order prohibiting local governments and public schools from requiring face masks.

The order prevents local governments and officials from attempting to require the use of masks starting next Friday, imposing a fine of up to $1,000 for any person or government entity that does not comply.

“Texans, not the government, should decide their best health practices, which is why public school districts or government entities will not require masks. We can continue to mitigate COVID-19 while upholding Texans’ freedom to choose whether or not to mask,” the governor said in a statement.

COVID-19 cases in the state have steadily declined since Abbott ended the mask mandate and other restrictions.

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