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How Castro’s Latest LGBT Facade Buys Regime Time

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By Enrique Alejandro

Be wary of the abrupt emergence of a turbocharged LGBTQ+ cyber-protest being chaperoned by a segment of the pro-free Cuba movement in and out of the republic; as the attention of Cuban dissidents on such a sociopolitical agenda only proves to be politically convenient in further securing the Castro crime family’s permanence in power.

The 2019 version of Castro’s constitution removed the requirement that marriage is “between one man and one woman” in a desperate effort by the regime to distract from an imminent and unstoppable, massive, modern-day reactionary uproar by the Cuban people, provoked by over half a century of failed promises and repression by the Castro dictatorship. For the first time in over half a century, the Cuban masses took to the streets to protest against the authoritarian government’s usurpation of the Cuban people’s constitution and the hijacking of their God-given rights.

87 new articles, such as acknowledging the threat climate change poses and the banning of discrimination based on sexual orientation and “gender identity,” were added to Castro’s 2019 constitution. What they will not acknowledge is that Article 5 of their constitution which conditions that “the Communist Party of Cuba is the superior driving force of the society and the State,” is a threat to the survival of all Cubans.

The proposal to legalize same-sex marriage ended up being rejected simply because the last standing dinosaurs who came to power with Fidel Castro in his 1953 “revolution” remain fervently anti-gay and still fantasize about the mass incarceration and murders of gays at the hands of their compañero, Che Guevara. Yes, the same Che Guevara whose image the U.S. “progressive” left encourages the public to wear on t-shirts and who slaughtered homosexuals throughout Cuba.

What the Cuban government understands is the personal and political convenience behind their manipulation of the gay community, which they have transformed into a conceptual device meant to deter the Cuban people’s focus from the regime’s crimes and their long-standing grip on power.

Mariela Castro (daughter of Raúl Castro, a government official, and nonetheless, Cuba’s highest-profile LGBTQ+ activist), is just another communist strategically masquerading as a “progressive liberal” who, like her younger brother Alejandro Castro Espín, possesses presidential dreams none other than to further her family’s totalitarian control over Cuba.

As control over the country is naturally inherited by the younger Castros, reclining herself on identity politics, Mariela will be tactically positioned to “run” in a rigged presidential election and “win” only because they count votes with the barrel of a gun.

Just as her mother, Vilma Espín, was president of the Federation of Cuban Women and remained in that position until her death in 2007; Mariela Castro serves as director of the Cuba’s National Center for Sex Education and leads the National Commission for Comprehensive Attention to Transsexual People. Two birds of a feather flock together.

It is no surprise that Mariela Castro sided with the Communist Party’s official positioning in which they suppressed a revision of their constitution regarding marriage equality in 2018. She went on to ask her followers to back her in doing the same, in order to remain loyal to the system.

The Castro dynasty—who still controls life in Cuba and who follow the New World Order’s playbook—will have infiltrated the pop culture segment of the pro-free Cuba movement through the control and psychological engagement of their manipulative (anti-gay) LGBTQ+ narrative. The regime understands that by conceding what has the appearance of LGBTQ+ “liberties,” they are decreasing the chances of systematic anti-communist revolts by the Cuban people while being applauded by the complacent and hypocritical international community. This is how the Castro’s 2022 LGBTQ+ facade is actively buying time for their crime family and, of course, is why they do not advocate freedom for all Cubans.

After 62 years of failed communist rule in Cuba, time has come to support freedom for all Cubans for once (yes, for gay Cubans as well). It will soon be time for the Castro crime family—who intends to continue living like capitalists at the expense of every Cuban’s psychological and physical slavery—to perpetually depart the Republic of Cuba. All Cuban lives matter.

If Cubans on the island and abroad fail to catch up with regime’s identity politics facade and choose not to prioritize their fight for liberty for all Cubans, then no gay in Cuba can ever be free.

A native of Havana, Cuba, Enrique Alejandro is a 25-year-old film producer and director. He is the CEO & Founder of EnriEnt, an American entertainment company.

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