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How Cultural Marxism Is Taking Over the U.S.: El American Live

Cómo el marxismo cultural se está tomando USA: El American Live

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Cultural Marxism continues to advance. On El American Live, Vanessa Vallejo, co-editor-in-chief of El American, talks with Marcell Felipe, lawyer, activist for human rights in Cuba and president of the Inspira America Foundation, about the threat that this ideology represents for the United States.

Felipe explained that we are seeing the fruits of the plan unleashed by the Russian Communist Party more than 60 years ago. He assured that within the Democratic Party there are new currents that are markedly anti-American, pro-Castro, pro-dictatorship, against civil rights and against the United States and its principles.

The analyst has no doubt that there is a direct attack on the culture that goes beyond the constitution of the existing powers and warns that this is where the danger lies.

“For dictatorial governments like those of China and Russia, a democratic and free country like the United States is, by its very existence, a threat. It reminds the people they rule, that it is possible to live better, to be a good, big, powerful country, under freedom, with good living conditions and that they do not have all the solutions.”

He highlighted that social networks have contributed to the radicalization of ideas. But, in the case of Marxism, there is a greater danger. “In the case of the left, it is a more dangerous radicalization because it is fed by organized and well-financed foreign outside forces.”

This is just a summary of the interview. To expand and learn more, you can visit our YouTube channel.

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