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Latino Immigrants Are Most Affected by Democratic Policies: Immigration Expert

Cómo las políticas demócratas afectan a los migrantes hispanos

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“There is no coherence between immigration policies and the law of this country,” said lawyer and immigration specialist Santiago Alpizar, with whom we talked about migration policies, mainly of democrats, and the laws of the country.

In an interview conducted by Julio Shiling, Alpizar, who has more than 19 years of experience, talked about “Pies secos, pies mojados”, known as wet feet, dry feet policy in English, a policy promoted by the United States for Cuban migrants. On January 12, 2017, President Barack Obama announced the immediate cessation of that measure.

“There is no coherence between immigration policies and the law of this country.”

The lawyer commented on the impact of Obama’s decision on Cubans and how the Democrats’ immigration policy damages those seeking new opportunities in the United States.

Migration policies, according to Santiago Alpizar

During the conversation with Julio M. Shiling, Alpizar explained that the benefits of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1996 are still in place. However, he pointed out that with the end of the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, Cubans have fewer opportunities to migrate legally.

“If Cubans decide to enter through the U.S. southern border, the law will apply to them like any other illegal immigrant and they will not be allowed to apply for the Cuban Adjustment Act provision. Then, the only option they have is to apply for political asylum,” he commented.

This is just a summary of the conversation between Santiago Alpizar and Julio M. Shiling. To learn more about the immigration system and Democrat policies, don’t miss this interview for El American.

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