How Navy Officer Jack Posobiec Became a Conservative Kingmaker

Despite relentless attacks from the liberal media and left-wing activist organizations, Posobiec has become one of the most powerful journalists in Washington

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“John Michael Posobiec III an American alt-right political activist, conspiracy theorist, and internet troll.” At least so says Wikipedia. Yet given how the once universally loved online encyclopedia has become a propaganda arm of the liberal establishment, what can conclude that that is merely how his enemies wish to portray him.

Regardless of what Wikipedia’s left-wing activist editors may claim, this 35-year-old naval veteran from Pennsylvania is now rapidly becoming one of the most important figures in conservative media. Using a Twitter account that boasts over 1.2 million followers, Posobiec spends his days tweeting the events of the day from his conservative, pro-Trump perspective.

While many netizens will flock to Breitbart, Fox News, or Daily Wire to get their news, one can just as easily get up to date with a browse through his Twitter feed. He also has active accounts on Parler, Instagram, Telegram, and Facebook, all of which also generate millions of weekly interactions with his followers.

“I’m constantly reading or listening to podcasts at double speed,” Posobiec told El American. “Even when I’m out, I usually have one earbud in with a podcast or audiobook going. I’ve been that way my whole life. and social media offers a unique outlet for tidbits of information, as well as long-form links, memes, and top-tier banter. But I keep an itchy trigger finger on my block button.”

Part of the reason why Wikipedia and other prominent internet search results for Posobiec read like a piece of opposition research drawn up by the disgraced far-left Southern Poverty Law Center is that they know just how influential he is becoming. An unashamed supporter of Trump’s brand of populism, his reporting now plays a crucial role in the shaping of narratives in the post-Trump era. 

Posobiec’s style involves latching onto issues and helping to spearhead campaigns. Recent examples include helping to raise $500,000 for an Idaho police officer who was fired after filming himself mocking LeBron James’s support for Black Lives Matter and driving sales to a book written by a whistleblower on Marxism in the military to the bestselling title on Amazon.

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He also engages in some traditional reporting. Last week, he revealed how one of the jurors in Derek Chauvin’s trial was a fervent supporter of Black Lives Matter, in what analysts say could help Chauvin’s case for a retrial. In the run-up to the 2017 French presidential election, he also uncovered emails belonging to Emmanuel Macron’s campaign. The revelations ultimately did not affect the outcome, but that did not prevent the liberal media from entering into a tailspin.

This is not to say that Posobiec has not been caught up in and around various controversies that raise questions about what he truly believes. He was one of several journalists to film the Pizzagate investigation, although he later said it was “stupid” and was only there to try and debunk it. There are also claims that he planted a sign at an Antifa protest urging people to rape Melania Trump, although they were later retracted.

“If you stay on Twitter long enough you’ll get accused of everything,” Posobiec explained. “I wish I could keep track of all the various factions and intel agencies I supposedly secretly am a member of – at the end of the day I’m a conservative guy who served his county because it was the right thing to do, prays the rosary every day with his sons and tries to uphold the Catholic values my family taught me.”

Posobiec, who this week joined the conservative magazine Human Events as its Senior Editor, is of course not the only conservative player in the post-Trump Twitter era. Podcaster Raheem Kassam, vlogger Paul Joseph Watson, and author Mike Cernovich are among the various personalities providing a similar stream of reporting and hot takes on the day’s events. However, Posobiec’s following is still greater than Watson’s, and nearly as large as Kassam, and Cernovich combined.

The biggest threat facing Posobiec and every other conservative brand is the very real possibility that Jack Dorsey finds an excuse for kicking him off the platform. Given that he deemed it acceptable to ban the sitting president of the United States, anyone who manages to build an audience aimed at defeating the liberal consensus is under constant threat of having the rug pulled out from underneath them.

“The Bible tells us the Lord will come like a thief in the night, and since 2017, that’s what social media feels like,” Posobiec added. “As a society, we need to revamp our way of thinking about these platforms. Social media is a communications utility and the public square rolled into one and we need to update our laws to reflect that and protect our right to speak freely in this country. That, of course, is why the Left wants to shut us down.”

Whatever the truth about Posobiec, the reality is that he is now one of the few conservative journalists able to determine narratives or lead campaigns on his own. Aged just 35 and with what appears to be a relentless determination, one can expect to see him playing a key role in the world of conservative politics for many years to come.

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