‘How Many Little Girls Need to Be Raped?: Kamala Harris Faces Protests at the Border

Protesters in Texas received the Vicepresident with demonstrations against her. Our correspondent, Anthony Cabassa, reports the visit of the VP to the border

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Kamala Harris, you’re a little late!” was the shout of protesters in the city of El Paso among protesters demonstrating against the Vice President as she made her first visit to the region.

Anthony Cabassa, correspondent for El American, traveled to El Paso to provide special coverage of Harris’ arrival. During the day’s reporting, he approached protesters critical of the way Joe Biden’s administration has dealt with the surge of migrants.

Protesters waved flags holding signs supporting former President Donald Trump and shouted “Que Mala!” instead of “Kamala” after the vice president compared not being in Europe to not traveling to the southern border.

Those protesting also demanded the Democratic administration call what is happening in the area a “crisis.”

“Kamala, you’re a little late. We’ve had this crisis for years,” Republican congressional candidate Irene Armendariz-Jackson said on video to The American.

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“We need solutions, we don’t need you parading around the border patrol station or acting like you care,” adding, “Americans matter, America matters.”

Protesters give a warm welcome to VP Harris (Anthony Cabassa/El American)

An immigration czar with no solutions

Since Harris took was named as “border czar” she has not announced concrete actions to stop the flow of illegal migrants. In her trip to Mexico and Guatemala, she only announced amounts of money to support employment programs in those countries.

So far, it is not known which measures will be taken by the Biden-Harris administration to address the immigration crisis at the border, taking into account that the surge continues and agents are not able to cope with it.

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