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How Many Vaccinated People Have COVID-19? Only 0.008% According to the CDC

Texas y Florida, totalmente abiertos, informan menos casos que Michigan

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recorded approximately 5,800 cases of COVID-19 in people who have already been vaccinated against the disease, which represents 0.008% of those who have received the full doses as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

CDC officials detailed that these cases are within experts’ projections and expectations with vaccines in the United States. In addition, they indicated that it is a demonstration that the vaccines are highly effective.

How Many Vaccinated People Have COVID-19?

Earlier this year, the CDC asked state health departments to track and report the most significant cases to the federal government. According to the figure, of the 5,800 cases only 74 died from the disease and most of those reported have been mild cases.

The United States is vaccinating more than 4.5 million people daily. At least 37.8% of the U.S. population has already received a dose of the vaccine and although vaccination has stopped with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, authorities have asked citizens to go to vaccination centers and to have confidence in the drug.

How Many Vaccinated People Have COVID-19 - El American
How many vaccinated people have COVID-19? According to the CDC, 5,800, which is 0.008% of the people that have been vaccinated (EFE)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the CDC announced a suspension of administration of the drug to investigate whether 6 cases of thrombus are linked to the vaccine.

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