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Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasts Biden for ‘Enabling’ Human and Drug Smuggling

Marjorie Taylor Green El American

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U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) told El American on Monday that President Biden is “enabling” Mexican cartels and facilitating human and drug trafficking across the southern border.

“It’s really Joe Biden that is enabling this entire disaster,” Taylor Greene told our correspondent, Anthony Cabassa. “He’s the greatest friend of the cartels, he’s actually king of the cartels and the best business partner they’ve ever had. He’s enabling the entire human and drug smuggling into the United States, and unfortunately, the U.S. taxpayers are the ones paying for it.”

Taylor Greene laments ‘tragedy’ and defends Title 42

As part of her proposal to avoid further deepening the problem at the border, Taylor Greene called on “Democrats to be courageous” to support a bill in Congress that seeks to make the immigration restrictions contained in Title 42 permanent.

From the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, where a bipartisan conference was held on Monday to evaluate the illegal immigration issue, Taylor Greene said she had corroborated that the situation at the border “is far worse than I imagined.”

This Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott reported the discovery of the lifeless body of the National Guard specialist soldier who was lost on Friday in the Rio Grande River while trying to save two immigrants who were drowning while crossing illegally into the United States.

“We are heartbroken to learn of the death of SPC Bishop E. Evans who was reported missing in Eagle Pass on Friday,” Gov. Abbott said in a statement in which he expressed he is “eternally grateful” to the soldier.

Taylor Greene expressed to El American her condolences to Evans’ family and held President Biden accountable for the “tragedy” that the National Guard is facing.

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