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Humiliating: Biden Turns to List of Reporters to Call on During Joint Press Conference in Israel

President Biden humiliated America while at a joint press conference on his overseas trip to Israel on Thursday.

The awkward moment came at the joint press conference with the Israeli prime minister. Watch:

“Mr. President. Do you want a question for the president?” a reporter was asked. “Mr. President, do you want to call on him the next question?”

“Sure,” Biden replied. “I, I was given a list here. Steve Holland of Reuters.”

“My [inaudible] back home to your meeting with Saudi leaders this week. What will you say to Saudi leaders, specifically to Crown Prince Mohammed?” the reporter asked.

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, President Biden appeared to be ushered to his seat by Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

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President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Lapid has signed a strategic partnership prior to the press conference. The Jerusalem U.S.-Israel partnership recognizes the shared values of the two nations and the strengthening partnership moving forward, according to the document.

Unfortunately, Biden could not conduct himself with the dignity and strength that the solemn occasion deserved.

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