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Hungary Awards Jordan Peterson with the Cross of the Order of Merit

jordan peterson es comparado con Red Skull

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Canadian psychologist and author, Jordan Peterson, has been decorated with the Cross of the Officer category of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary.

According to a decree published Wednesday in the Official Gazette of the Central European country, Hungarian President Katalin Novák highlighted the awardee’s “scientific” work in bestowing the high decoration.

“For his outstanding scientific work in the field of clinical psychology and for his creative freedom, as well as in recognition of his exceptionally dedicated and influential work in the defense of freedom of expression and the education of young people,” the decree states.

The digital newspaper Telex explains that Peterson is highly popular among groups close to the government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Peterson has published several books, including “12 rules for life,” which has achieved international success.

Novák was Minister of Family in Orbán’s government until 2021 and as such was also the host of events such as the “Demographic Summit,” a meeting of conservative politicians from around the world, including Spain’s Jaime Mayor Oreja, president of the One Of Us federation.

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