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Hunter Biden’s Top Criminal Defense Lawyer Resigns

Joe Biden’s son criminal defense lawyer has quit the case owing to disagreement and dissatisfaction among the defense team. The reasons for his departure are yet unknown, but this move may have repercussions for Hunter Biden’s current legal issues, which include an inquiry into his tax concerns.

Abbe Lowell, who was engaged in December to defend Hunter Biden and the Biden family in several congressional investigations, including money laundering and wire fraud, is said to have been involved in concealed strife and competition inside the organization with Hunter’s legal team.

Levy was allegedly unsatisfied with Lowell’s legal methods and worried that they would fail. Lowell was part of an initiative in February to send “litigation hold” letters to preserve “Laptop from Hell” documents, which some interpreted as a public relations ploy to shift the narrative for the Bidens.

Lowell has previously represented other important personalities including Bill Clinton and Jared Kushner.

President Biden’s personal lawyer, Bob Bauer, had nominated Mr. Levy for the job, according to the New York Times. A person familiar with the plan said that Mr. Levy also had a falling out with Kevin Morris, a lawyer and close advisor to Hunter Biden who had provided him money to pay his back taxes and some other debts. Mr. Lowell was hired late last year by Mr. Morris and Hunter Biden, forcing Mr. Levy’s resignation. The news outlet report said.

Breitbart Senior Contributor and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer released Secret Empires and Profiles in Corruption in 2018 and 2020, respectively. Each book debuted at the top of the New York Times bestseller list, revealing how Hunter and Joe Biden traveled aboard Air Force Two to China in 2013 before Hunter’s business sealed a $1.5 billion contract with a unit of the Chinese government’s Bank of China less than two weeks later. Schweizer’s investigation also revealed the Biden family’s other large and lucrative international dealings and cronyism.

Breitbart Political Editor Emma-Jo Morris’s New York Post investigation into Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell” also made international headlines when she and Miranda Devine revealed that Joe Biden was intimately involved in Hunter’s businesses, appearing to have a 10% stake in a company the scion formed with Chinese Communist Party officials at the highest levels.

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Escritor independiente. Consultor en marketing y comunicaciones de políticos, artistas, figuras públicas y marcas por más de 10 años. Contacto: @alejandrosbasso (Twitter)