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Hunter Biden Is A Sick Individual

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Just when we all thought that we had seen and heard it all about Hunter Biden, the website “4Chan” reminded the nation that Hunter and his “Laptop From Hell” are the gifts that keep on giving. The latest findings—all of which are reported by numerous reputable news organizations—involve imagery of Hunter Biden with (yes, you guessed it) reported prostitutes, apparent crack cocaine, and other X-rated footage. The links to potential corruption are hardly being investigated by anyone, however.

The problem with the alleged hacking of Hunter’s laptop by 4Chan users is the media’s role in sweeping damaging information under the rug. The New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC would spend weeks, if not months, illustrating and exposing this type of behavior if one-third of what is depicted by 4Chan would have been done by Don Jr. or Eric Trump. No individual—excluding President Biden himself—enjoys this type of protection by our media. Why is that?

Perhaps the main reason the MSM refuses to cover Hunter is that he has become the GOP’s pawn and best way to attack Joe Biden, in addition to the numerous debacles of this administration. The media’s apparent overall goal is to help liberal groups and demonize anyone who disagrees with them. We’ve seen that tactic used against Congresswoman Mayra Flores, GOP AZ gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, and pretty much anyone who sounds slightly conservative.

As reported by The Verge, Google took action to censor the materials of Hunter Biden’s laptop. “These notices automatically appear when our systems detect that a topic is rapidly evolving, like in a breaking news situation, and a range of sources have not yet weighed in,” a Google spokeswoman told The Verge. Meta allowed stories to be published because they were considered “news.” The #HunterBiden hashtag was gone from Twitter’s trending section, reported The Verge.

The White House is even refusing to speak about the Hunter Biden laptop. Most ashamedly, no one from the press corp continues to push for information from this president and this administration.

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We know that Hunter’s business dealings have been under scrutiny (primarily from conservative officials) for several years. The evidence of potential crimes, as I wrote on April 29, 2022, is scathing. As long as Hunter continues to be protected by the media and the government, we won’t see any real accountability for his actions and potential crimes.

As more salacious material and information about his shady business ties continue to leak, the more we will hear from conservative Twitter—ultimately leading to a cycle of never-ending trending stories. The left will remain silent, and the right will rightfully call them out for ignoring the scathing evidence.

Drug addiction is a severe problem and nothing to joke about. The protection, however, that this individual receives is quite telling. God forbid that the son of a conservative official, namely Trump, comes under fire because of drug or sex scandals; we can most definitely bet all our money (whatever is left because of Biden’s inflation) that we will hear about it for months.