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Exposing Hunter Biden’s Corruption and the Media’s Complicity – Sinceramente

La corrupción de Hunter Biden y la censura de los medios - Sinceramente

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The corruption case involving Hunter Biden is still in the news. However, the media has played a fundamental role in the coverage of this information. El American’s Orlando Avendaño and Emmanuel Rondón talk about this topic in the new episode of Sinceramente.

Emmanuel began the conversation by recalling that the so-called “big guy”, to whom Hunter Biden’s emails refer, could be President Joe Biden. He also explained that Hunter was initially investigated for tax matters, but now he is also being investigated for money laundering and influence peddling.

In relation to that, Orlando Avendaño emphasized that in his opinion, everything surrounding Hunter is a disaster and that it is unacceptable that all this happens in a context of complicity with the media. “The media conspired against someone in particular, in favor of a presidential candidate […] the worst thing is that they do not assume it”, commented the co-editor in chief of El American.

Media coverage, Sinceramente

Rondón stated that “The media want to impose a single editorial vision on the people […] but in the end they unmask themselves. Traditional American journalism went from being a world role model to a joke”. He maintained that what happened with Hunter Biden was a black mark in the history of American journalism.

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