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NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Cancels Three Contracts with the Trump Organization

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New York authorities have now announced that they will terminate the three contracts they have with the Trump Organization. This involves unilaterally canceling the agreements with some of the attractions that do work well in the city.

Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed on Wednesday that the City Council will cancel the agreements to operate the carousel in Central Park, two skating rinks, and a golf course.

As if what happened at the Capitol was related to the proper functioning of those attractions, de Blasio announced that “the city is taking action” because of the violent events led by Trump supporters.

“New York City will not be associated with these unforgivable acts in any way, shape or form, and we are taking immediate steps to terminate all Trump Organization contracts,” he added. He also stated that this organization makes $17 million a year from these sites.

The mayor’s announcement has nothing to do with security measures to prevent violent acts in the city. It appears more like a retaliation against Trump and his financial interests, which could also leave serious economic consequences for the hundreds of employees that this company keeps in the city.

“New York City does not have the legal right to terminate our contracts and if they choose to continue, they will owe the Trump Organization over $30 million,” the spokesman said.

The Democratic authorities, which have been under scrutiny due to insecurity and business closure due to COVID-19 restrictions, could be forced to pay a large amount of money from the taxpayers’ pockets.

“This is nothing more than political discrimination, an attempt to violate the First Amendment, and we plan to fight it vigorously.”

Trump Organization Spokesperson
Other retaliations against the Trump Organization

Trump, who will leave the White House in the next few days, now not only faces the termination of the New York contracts, but is also on the verge of impeachment. At the same time, he is a victim of censorship by Big Tech companies such as Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, on Sunday, the PGA of America, the main American circuit of professional men’s golf, announced that the 2022 PGA Championship will no longer be held in Trump Bedminster, a private golf club in New Jersey, owned and operated by the Trump Organization.

According to The New York Times, Deutsche Bank will no longer deal with Trump in a business capacity. However, the bank would not cut off all contact with the Republican tycoon, who still owes the entity more than 340 million dollars.

Sabrina Martín Rondon is a Venezuelan journalist. Her source is politics and economics. She is a specialist in corporate communications and is committed to the task of dismantling the supposed benefits of socialism // Sabrina Martín Rondon es periodista venezolana. Su fuente es la política y economía. Es especialista en comunicaciones corporativas y se ha comprometido con la tarea de desmontar las supuestas bondades del socialismo

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