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The first lady, Jill Biden, has not stopped sparking comments after she said in a speech that Latinos are as “unique as breakfast tacos.” The phrase makes for a good laugh and hundreds of memes that are already filling the social networks, but beyond the idiocy and laughter, the first lady’s comment reflects a huge underlying problem: Democrats believe that Hispanics are stupid. 

Inflation is sky-high, insecurity is getting worse, gas prices are at historic levels, just like overdose deaths, the border is in chaos and Hispanics are suffering the consequences of this disaster. Yet, Dr. Jill Biden thinks she is going to win the affection of this community by comparing us to Mexican food.

Of course, in the first lady’s phrase, there is an insulting lack of knowledge—besides, it is rather weird to compare a person with a taco—. Tacos are typical Mexican food, most Hispanics rarely eat tacos. Just as Democrats think all Latinos want open borders and subsidies, they also think all Hispanics are Mexicans and eat tacos all day long. They don’t know us. They don’t understand the Hispanic community.

The big lesson that this fatal speech by Jill Biden should leave (beyond the fact that Latinos don’t identify as tacos —they have taken gender ideology too far— and that not all Latinos are Mexicans) is that we are not a monolithic block, we are individuals, that just like Americans, we are full of diversity.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to understand that beyond the few Hispanic advisors that the Democrats interact with —many of them don’t even speak Spanish—, there are millions of different Hispanics, who not only do not identify with the term “Latinx,” but detest it. They don’t want completely open borders because insecurity harms their communities and because they don’t want the humanitarian drama experienced by those who, excited with the hopes of entering this country, embark on a journey full of tragedy and death. There are also millions of Hispanics who don’t seek charity from a politician because they are incredibly hardworking and just want to be left to fend for themselves.

Hispanics are not the caricature that a few “Latinx” communications consultants have sold to Democratic politicians. Polls have been showing for months the high disapproval of President Biden among Latinos and the significant number of Hispanics who are switching to the Republican Party. This is explained by the fact that they are not idiots, and just like any other American, they want to enjoy a strong economy, safe neighborhoods, and a good education for their children, without Marxist ideology in the classrooms.

The advice for Democrats is to stop babysitting Hispanic. Instead of trying to captivate them with denigrating phrases like “you are as unique as a taco,” work on improving the country, on solving the problems that every American, including those of Hispanic origin, faces on a daily basis.

And in case it has not been clear: Hispanics don’t self-identify as tacos and neither as “Latinx.”

Vanessa Vallejo. Co-editor-in-chief of El American. Economist. Podcaster. Political and economic analysis of America. Colombian exile in the United States // Vanessa Vallejo. Co-editora en jefe de El American. Economista. Podcaster. Análisis político y económico de América. Colombiana exiliada en EE. UU.

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