Idiocy of the Week: Asha Rangappa Blames Trump for Violence at the Oscars

The Idiocy of the Week has been uttered by Asha Rangappa, who blamed Donald Trump for what happened at the Oscar Awards gala

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The past days have been monopolized by Will Smith’s aggression, it seemed impossible that El American’s Idiocy of the Week was not related to this incident. However, CNN analyst Asha Rangappa has managed to top it. It has a lot of merits.

After the “mostly peaceful” Oscar Awards ceremony, Asha Rangappa rushed to her Twitter to give her opinion on who was to blame for what happened. Will Smith for his unacceptable behavior? No, too obvious and against CNN’s apparent editorial line on racial issues. Chris Rock for making a tasteless joke? No, that would conflict with woke postulates of blaming the victim.

To the brave and empowered Jada Pinkett-Smith, who “doesn’t give a damn” what anyone says about her looks, but takes badly the jokes about her missing hair. Asha Rangappa blamed it on…drum roll… Donald Trump!

Surprising but, admittedly, not unexpected. After all, in the progressive imagination, Donald Trump is to blame for everything, even the death of Bambi’s mother.

According to Asha Rangappa — CNN analyst and former FBI agent — what happened is a “psychological case study” on how Trump and violence have been “normalized”. For her, that no one in the audience got up and left, is the fault of the former president.

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For a case study, we should analyze the Trump Derangement Syndrome of which Democrats suffer from.

Asha Rangappa, violence expert

Asha Rangappa, who reportedly doxed — posting someone’s private information on the Internet with the intent to intimidate, humiliate and threaten them — an intern at the conservative website The Washington Free Beacon, lecturing us on how violence has been normalized by the only American president in decades who have not instigated any wars. Nothing new under the sun that warms progressive hypocrisy.

Perhaps the ghost of Trump’s defunct Twitter account possessed her at the time she posted that violent and intimidating tweet.

After spouting this idiocy, Asha Rangappa continued her Twitter thread complaining — how could she not — that she had received racist insults from Trump supporters, of whom she said that “the sad part is that they are so stupid they don’t realize I’m not comparing Smith to Trump, I’m comparing the audience to them.”

Honestly, I can’t think of a less apt comparison than comparing Trump supporters to the progressive Hollywood elite. But I don’t rule out Asha Rangappa being able to come up with an even stupider comparison. For now, she takes El American’s Idiocy of the Week award.

asha rangappa idiotez semana
Asha Rangappa equally doxes scholars and blames Trump for all the violence. Source: YouTube
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