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Idiocy of the Week: USA Today Names Rachel Levine, Who Was Born Male, ‘Woman of the Year’

USA Today has starred in El American’s Idiocy of the Week by naming transgender Rachel Levine as Woman of the Year

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El American’s Idiocy of the Week award this time goes to USA Today for joining one of progressivism’s favorite political agendas by awarding one of its Women of the Year to a former man, Rachel Levine.

Born in 1957 as Richard L. Levine, in 2011 became Rachel Levine, and already in her current state she became the first openly transgender person to reach one of the highest positions in the country, being appointed by Joe Biden as Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services. Incidentally, the “Human Services” tagline, aside from being corny, strikes me as not very inclusive, and should perhaps be renamed “Huwoman Services” or “Huperson Services.”

USA Today has thus jumped on the bandwagon of one of the trending issues for Democrats and progressives around the world: the transgender agenda. Rachel Levine, who has been a pediatrician since 1993, explained to USA Today that she has always been very involved when it comes to eating disorders, stressing that the most important thing is acceptance.

“We need to be welcoming and celebratory for women of all aspects, of all sizes and shapes,” she said. “And we have to work towards that compassion for all women and not put such an emphasis on thinness and appearance. I think that we need to work as a culture in the United States, but also globally, to be more compassionate and more accepting of girls and women, no matter what their size and shape,” Rachel Levine said in thanking USA Today for the award.

It is curious that she promotes acceptance as the solution to one of the country’s most serious health problems, obesity, even though accepting the gender you were born with does not fit into her vision of healthy, promoting instead genital mutilation and lifelong drug dependency.

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USA Today: Fighting patriarchy means awarding transgender women

According to USA Today, its Women of the Year award is given to those who “strong and resilient women who have been champions of change and courage, often quietly, but with powerful results.”

In this case there is no denying that Rachel Levine has been a champion of change — for obvious reasons — but not so much of keeping it quiet, as everyone from Joe Biden to everyone in the media has taken pains to emphasize, almost exclusively, her transgender status as one of her greatest merits.

The same happens with an infinity of biological men, now transgender women, who have been praised by politicians and the media, winning all kinds of competitions. And not only sports, where their advantage is evident.

For USA Today it seems that now men are also better than women being women. Another triumph for the patriarchy, and for USA Today, which gets El American’s Idiocy of the Week award.

usa today rachel levine
Rachel Levine. Source: EFE
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