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Idiocy of the Week: Woke Museums Drop Use of the Word “Mummy”

Idiotez de la Semana: museos woke dejan de usar la palabra "momia", El American

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Several woke museum curators in Britain have decided to start using the term “mummified person” in their installations because they consider “mummy” to be offensive to millennia-old corpses. This is, without a doubt, El American’s Idiocy of the Week, and it could mean the arrival at the peak of the wokeism pyramid if it weren’t for the obvious fact that woke madness can reach even higher heights.

According to the British Museum, the decision to use “mummified person” or “mummified remains” instead of “mummy” is to remind visitors that these are people who were once alive. It’s a good reminder, lest in the presence of a mummy people forget that they are in an archaeological museum and not in a half-Eastern restaurant and think it’s a very old, deep-fried kebab.

mummy idiocy week
This is the face with which a mummified person looks at you if you call him/her a mummy (EFE by Luis Millán).

The Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle says it has changed the term for its star mummy, the mummified woman Irtyru, to acknowledge colonial exploitation and give her the respect she deserves.

We are sure that thanks to this change, Irtyru will finally be able to rest in peace, despite having died almost 3,000 years ago and being almost 5,000 kilometers away from her original eternal resting place. The next thing they could do to make up for desecrating her corpse is to start calling her by her preferred pronouns, and not assume her female gender.

It seems incredible that, being so woke, empathetic and sensitive, the museum’s directors have not realized the irreparable damage that can be done to the psyche of a mummified person if they assume their gender just like that. How far we still have to go on the road to complete woke enlightenment and universal peace and tolerance!

Several museums decide to stop using the word mummy

Although Indiana Jones changed the perception of archaeologists as boring people, these changes in the naming of the mummies again reinforce the stereotype that they are very boring people without much to do, and they have to go around worrying about these woke shenanigans to give some excitement to their lives around dead people.

In truth, they do have some social life among themselves, since this decision has been adopted in a coordinated manner by several museums at the same time, and it is not an isolated idea of just one of them. So we assume that they will have met to eat and, most probably, to drink. Drink a lot.

The National Museum of Scotland, in Edinburgh, said through a spokesperson that “where we know the name of an individual we use that, otherwise we use “mummified man, woman, boy, girl or person” because we are referring to people, not objects.”

Once again, we see how insufficient is their wokeism, and they make the very serious mistake of assuming such subjective things as the gender or age of a person, no matter how mummified they may be.  

To change the subject quickly before offending a woke person and using concepts that the woke public values highly, the museum’s staff expands their explanation by resorting to the victimization of mummies. According to the museum, “legends about the mummy’s curse” and movies showing them as “supernatural monsters” can “undermine their humanity.”

In view of this, one might think that the curse of the mummy is real and has wreaked havoc on the heads of those responsible for British museums.

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