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Idiocy of the Week: Wokeism at the Oscars

La Idiotez de la Semana: wokeísmo en los Óscar, El American

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El American’s Idiocy of the Week is starred by different artists and progressive media outlets that have taken advantage of the Academy Awards gala to, once again, display their wokeness with all kinds of absurd claims and, of course, point an accusatory finger at anyone who doesn’t agree with their progressive ideas.

As usual, the Oscars have become a social and media event where Hollywood elites gather to pat each other on the back, look down their noses at artists who do not subscribe to the L.A. ideology of choice, and lecture on morality by pointing the finger at the rest of us mortals. So many anatomical references are no coincidence since Hollywood is the cultural propaganda arm of the leftist ideology.

The big winner of the night was Everything Everywhere All at Once, a piece of crap that under normal circumstances would have been a straight-to-DVD release with the potential to gain a niche following as a cult film, but has been elevated to the status of a masterpiece of the Seventh Art for simply telling a story about interdimensional Asian lesbians.

As expected, they have taken advantage of the media coverage of the awards they have won to proselytize the new woke religion. Thus, Jamie Lee Curtis, after winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, addressed an issue that she considers very important, but which no one, logically, had been concerned about until now: the inclusion of transgender actors.

Jamie Lee Curtis is the mother of a transgender child and, once she was able to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the twilight of her career, she believes it is time to eliminate the division between men and women in the acting categories. According to her, the fact that statuettes are awarded to men and women for their roles is too binary and not inclusive of the other dozens of genders available. In the interview itself, the actress recognizes that this could hurt many actresses, but she assures that it is more important to be inclusive.

I understand that it is much easier to pretend to be inclusive once you have already won an Oscar as an actress for the display case of your house. As a curiosity, during the gala’s hangover, a few days later, Jamie Lee Curtis assured that the pronouns of her Oscar were “they/them” and showed a picture of the statuette in her cabinet next to an anal tampon.

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In the same vein, model Cara Delevignge used her appearance at the gala to avoid referring to women as women, and talk about “those who identify as women.” It is nice to see that Cara, apparently, is recovering from the health problems that could be seen in her last public appearances, but at the same time it is concerning that someone who until recently led a dissolute life that had plunged her into a spiral of self-destruction, has the nerve to get on stage and pontificate on how we should behave and act the rest of the world to be good people and live correctly according to the sacrosanct leftist morality.

Actress Michelle Yeoh, also awarded for her role in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, also made her award an ideological and identity issue. Her entire nomination campaign, as well as her subsequent speech after the award, have focused on her status as an Asian woman of a certain age, thus tacitly acknowledging that the award has nothing to do with her acting technique or talent.

NPR published a surreal tweet about Michelle Yeoh in which they said that she had “made history” by being the “first person who identifies as Asian” to win the statuette for best actress. It seems that the progressive media are trying to surpass in surrealism the delirious multiverse movie that has swept this year’s Oscars.

Hollywood talks about wokeism even when it is silent

While woke leftists have been very vocal at the Oscars, their political activism has also been evident during their silences and omissions. Whenever the film Tár was mentioned, there was an uncomfortable silence among the audience, most likely because of this great film’s critical message against woke ideology and cancel culture.

Also conspicuous by their absence from the In Memoriam tribute were three actors who passed away last year: Paul Sorvino, Anne Heche and Charlbi Dean.

Paul Sorvino’s widow denounced that the omission of her husband may have been due to his public positioning in favor of the 2nd Amendment and Donald Trump. Anne Heche’s strange death has been shrouded in mystery, with many linking it to the subject matter of her latest film, which dealt with pedophile child trafficking rings. While Charlbi Dean, it seems, may have died of a new disease that we have had for a couple of years and that, for lack of a technical name, we can call “suddenitis”.

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