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Idiot of the Week: Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

Debbie Mucarsel, El American

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El American’s Idiot of the Week award goes this time to former Ecuadorian-born Democrat Representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, for comparing the Florida State Guard to the “armed Colectivos” of the Venezuelan dictatorship.

This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he was reestablishing the Florida State Guard (FSG), a group of just 200 volunteers whose function would be to provide assistance in emergency situations such as hurricanes, blackouts, and other natural disasters.

In contrast, the Venezuelan “Colectivos” are groups of criminals armed to the teeth by the socialist dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro to persecute, intimidate and — if necessary — crush dissent. They are responsible for hundreds of documented political murders to date.

It seems that for Mucarsel-Powell both groups are exactly the same. We don’t know if the pitiful comparison in her tweet is due to her suffering from “DeSantis Derangement Syndrome” or if it is simply a desperate attempt to become relevant again in Florida politics.

debbie mucarsel-powell
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (second woman from left, and from right.) (EFE)

The fact is that, as it usually happens to the Democrats with the Hispanics — or according to them, “Latinxs” — the only thing it has achieved is to anger those who have been victims of this type of paramilitary groups or have knowledge of their activities.

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and her despicable comparison

In general, the Democrats’ disconnection with the reality of Hispanics is striking, but Debbie Mucarsel-Powell’s tweet brings it to an unprecedented level of offense and pettiness.

That Debbie Mucarsel-Powell has the nerve to say that “political threats will not stop us” is worthy of study, since it is precisely the socialist Colectivos who sow panic and resort to violence to silence those who oppose their ideology.

These comments push strong doubts about the world that Debbie Mucarsel-Powell imagines, although it is not surprising either, since the left-wing media invest great efforts in twisting reality to try to fit their narrative. She may not have noticed, but the media and Big Tech are censoring, silencing, and threatening those who raise their voices against the left.

It cannot be ruled out that this constant media bombardment causes such cognitive dissonance among Democrats that they believe they are the real victims. After all, to them George Floyd is a hero, Kyle Rittenhouse a murderer, LeBron James is brave, Enes Kanter a “sellout,” and riots with looting are peaceful demonstrations; while the real terrorist threat is the National Parent Teacher Association. And so on.

It is probably too soft to say that it is idiotic to compare Maduro’s criminal Colectivos to the Florida State Guard — a figure that exists in many other states, by the way — but as long as they let us, we will continue to give El American’s Idiot of the Week award to the likes of Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

debbie mucarsel-powell idiota semana

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