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The Idiot of the Week: Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary

El Idiota de la semana, El American

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This time, El American’s Idiot of the Week award goes to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for the second time.

On the one hand, she gave a surreal answer to a question about immigrants and the COVID-19 passport. On the other, she tried to blame Boris Johnson for the fact that Joe Biden did not answer questions from the press during his joint appearance with the British Prime Minister.

idiota semana jen psaki
Jen Psaki. (EFE)

When asked by a reporter why illegal immigrants were not required to have a vaccination certificate, while Americans were, Jen Psaki replied that immigrants “are not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.”

That was the best explanation she could come up with as she rummaged through her papers juggling rhetorically. In addition to responding nervously, she answered in a condescending manner. Supposedly, she wanted to explain that those with COVID symptoms would be deported, but what about those without, do unvaccinated asymptomatic Americans enjoy that privilege to keep their jobs or get into a restaurant? Or a tourist, say, from Europe?

Her answer is so implausible that one can only chuckle and wonder. If illegal immigrants have no intention of staying in the country, are they risking their lives and traveling thousands of miles to take a selfie at the Statue of Liberty, upload it to their social networks, and return home? Perhaps they are coming to visit Disneyland? Are they coming to gamble in Las Vegas with what little savings they may have left after paying the coyote? Are they simply passing through to Canada? It’s a mystery that only Jen Psaki knows the answer to.

Worst of all, if Jen Psaki was right, the poor immigrants risking their lives for this visit would be wasting their stay in the United States camping out under a bridge in the desert, with so many better places to visit.

Her answer, rather than an explanation, seems like a pathetic excuse, or worse, a crude lie. The seriousness of the case is that most of the members of the White House press bow their heads and simply believe it. Perhaps Jen Psaki takes us for idiots — but perhaps she is somewhat right, since it seems that Democrats can say anything with impunity without being questioned.

The next time they require your vaccination certificate to enter a restaurant, simply say it is not your intent to stay on the premises for too long. Beyond that, even if your company of more than 100 workers has to require it, you can say that your idea is to go home after your working day and not to stay permanently at work.

With this double standard between illegal immigrants and Americans, you get the feeling that this administration is not really concerned about the pandemic, nor the health of Americans, but rather using it as an excuse to advance its authoritarian control of society. Hopefully, this administration will not occupy the White House for a long time.

For Jen Psaki it’s Boris Johnson’s fault that Biden won’t answer questions

As if the illegal immigrant thing wasn’t enough, Jen Psaki vindicates her award this week with a bizarre excuse to try to explain why Boris Johnson and Joe Biden’s press conference was abruptly cut short.

Biden is used to appearing before the press without having to answer questions — and the press does not seem to mind — but when Johnson told reporters that they could ask questions, the White House immediately ended the press conference, leaving one of the reporters with questions left unanswered.

Apparently, the President of the United States is not qualified to answer questions without prior notice. Perhaps the White House needs to approve those questions? Of course, according to Psaki, the problem is not Biden’s inability to answer, but Johnson’s for allowing questions to be asked. It feels like this is like blaming the teacher for giving pop quizzes, not the student for not studying.

With these scares, one of these days Biden will have a digestion problem after having too much ice cream.

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